Associate Professor in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Trinity College Dublin Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Welcome to the online application procedure for Senior Academic Promotions.

You will be required to complete the following steps:

1. Personal Details - Provide your name and contact information
2. Application Documents - Upload completed documents (Promotion Application Documents: RSS Promotions CV Application Form in PDF format and Head of School Report in PDF format)
3. Questionnaire Section – Fill in all the details required and confirm that you have included all of the necessary documentation
4. Equality Monitoring Information – Provide data for the purpose of statistical equality monitoring (optional)
5. Review and Submit - it is important to note if you save to return to the process later, you should return to SUBMIT the application formally.

Further information about the Senior Academic Promotions process is contained in the section below.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Senior Academic Promotions Call 2024

Promotion to: Associate Professor
Closing Date: 12 Noon, 5th September 2024 (No late applications will be accepted)

Applicants for promotion to Associate Professor should read the Senior Academic Promotions Procedure and the Guidance Document on Criteria before submitting to this competition.

The MYRSS Promotions CV Application Form is available on RSS:
You can find a copy of the Head of School report following this link: Head of School Report
If you have personal circumstances you would like the relevant Faculty Senior Academic Promotions Committee and the Senior Academic Promotion Committee take into account when reviewing your application, please return a completed Personal Circumstances form to prior to the closing date of application for promotion. The Personal Circumstances Form can be downloaded following this link: Personal Circumstances Form

More information, including timelines of the 2024 Senior Promotional Call, can be found on the following websites:
Senior Academic Promotions Call 2024
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