Lecturer in Biomedical Science
University of Chicago
United States


The Graham School and UChicago Professional Education is currently seeking qualified applicants for a part-time position to teach in our Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics. Current University faculty and staff, as well as professionals working in relevant positions outside of the University, are eligible to apply.

Demand for more sophisticated health information systems and medical research methodologies is rapidly growing due to advances in technology, volume of available health data, and policy initiatives. With a high premium placed on improved delivery of care, therapeutics and outcomes, the skills acquired in the Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics program will help students understand the foundation of informatics and develop solutions to address these growing needs and current healthcare challenges. Applicants must have relevant experience in biomedical informatics, clinical care, medical research, or practical experience in healthcare related fields.

The program currently operates on a quarterly schedule, with 9 or 10 weeks of instruction per quarter.  Classes are held weekly, in-person, at our downtown campus, weeknight evening or Saturday schedule. There may be an opportunity to schedule classes during morning or afternoon weekday hours.


Core Courses

  • MSBI 31100: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
  • MSBI 31200: Leadership and Management for Informaticians
  • MSBI 31300: Concepts in Computer Programming
  • MSBI 31500: Ethics and Policy Questions: Genomics, Health Care, and Big Data
  • MSBI 31800: Introduction to Applied Data Analysis
  • MSBI 32000: Intermediate Applied Data Analysis


Elective Courses

  • MSBI 31600: Advanced Concepts in Computer Programming
  • MSBI 32100: Health IT Integration, Interoperability Standards
  • MSBI 32200: Big and Little Data in Health Care
  • MSBI 32400: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • MSBI 32300: Decision Support Systems and Health Care
  • MSBI 32500: Advanced Bioinformatics: Genome Analysis
  • MSBI 32600: Geographic Information Systems and Health Information
  • MSBI 32800: Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MSBI 32900: Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics
  • MSBI 33100: Population Health Informatics
  • MSBI 33200: Machine Learning for Biomedical Informatics
  • MSBI 33400: Topics in Healthcare Delivery Science


Capstone Courses

  • MSBI 39901: Capstone Proposal
  • MSBI 39902: Capstone Implementation
  • MSBI 39903: Capstone Writing and Presentation


Develop syllabus including weekly class schedule, discussion topics, learning objectives, reading assignments, and assessment plans using grading rubrics.

Develop Canvas Learning Management System course site.

Develop and deliver in-class content (i.e., lectures, activities, breakout group work).

Develop asynchronous content which supplements the in-class learning experience (i.e., recorded lectures, discussion board content, project, and research work).

Develop assignments to minimally include mid-term and final assignments and course participation grade.

Grade assignments and return comments and grades to students in timely manner.

Attend all weekly in-person and/or remote synchronous sessions.

Hold weekly office hours to coincide with course schedule.  Instructors are expected to spend at least 3-6 hours per week meeting with students outside of the classroom experience.

Work with the program director and other program instructors to ensure consistency across class sections and participate in curriculum reviews.

Participate in Capstone Project process as scientific advisor.

Participate in co-curricular programming (i.e., guest lectures, instructor/student events).

Review quarterly student feedback and incorporate suggestions where applicable/possible.

Attend monthly or quarterly instructional team meetings with academic staff.


Supplemental asynchronous content and remote synchronous instruction methods must be developed and planned in conjunction with Graham School and UChicago Professional Education online instructional design and/or teaching and learning teams and approved by the program.

After initial review of applications, candidates may be requested to submit a course proposal.





Qualified applicants must have a graduate-level degree in a relevant field, PhD and/or MD is preferred. Candidates with prior teaching experience and/or relevant practical experience are strongly preferred. For related course descriptions and additional program information, please visit mscbmi.uchicago.edu.

The University of Chicago is using Interfolio's Faculty Search to conduct this search. Applicants to this position receive a free Dossier account and can send all application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, free of charge.

For help signing up, accessing your account, or submitting your application please check out Interfolio's help and support section or get in touch via email at help@interfolio.com or phone at (877) 997-8807.

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